The New Romantic 2018

The New Romantic (2018) นิวโรแมนติก

The New Romantic Blake is a student journalist who writes a piece about her love life, The Hopeless Romantic, for her school newspaper. River Her editor decides to take her column off the paper because it is too boring. But, she is willing the chance to revive it in the event that she can come up with better material.

In a night out drinking with her roommate and best friend Nikki, Blake mistakenly has her ID switched with the ID of another student. Blake is on her way to return the ID only to meet Morgan who is in a relationship with an older man. Morgan suggests Blake to stay with her and discloses she’s an unrequited sugarbaby. The man she is living will offer to pay Blake to remain. Blake declines.

Blake is informed at an editorial meeting that Jacob an associate journalist who is submitting an application for an award Gonzo journalism. River is supporting Jacob. Blake is unhappy and decides to speak with Morgan about the sugar-baby story. Blake is invited by Morgan to the pool party which is where she meets Ian who is an older, rich professor. Ian proposes to Blake to be his sugar-baby, but she politely declines down. Blake writes about the experience for the paper, but River isn’t interested in the story. Blake refuses to give Blake his column back until River points out that it appears Blake is trying to get make her feel guilty for her column. The New Romantic HD

Blake and Nikki attend a costume party, where Blake dresses up as Raoul Du. They are shocked to find Jacob dressed as the same. Blake and Jacob take Jacob home. However, Jacob doesn’t have a condom therefore they have to end their attempt at sexual intimacy. To Jacob’s horror, Blake writes about their failure to get together for her column.

Blake accepts Ian’s proposal and decides to go out on an evening date. Her main motive is to beat Jacob in the journalism prize. On their first date Blake has sex with Ian. She initially thinks she got nothing back However, Ian presents her with a scooter after he steals her bike. Blake begins writing about her experiences with Ian and the column turns into a hit. Blake clarifies that her column is confidential and Jacob asks Blake about her ethics.

Blake continues to meet Ian and despite initially not wanting to be with him, she eventually asks him to compose a recommendation letter for the journalism award , which he agrees to do.

Blake, who is high on MDMA due to the Nikki-laced cake, wakes up in the afternoon to see Ian wearing a diamond bracelet and asks her to join Ian at a wedding. Blake is accompanied by Ian and realizes that the wedding is of Morgan’s sugar dad. After the weddingceremony, the groom approaches her and informs her that he would like to have sex. Blake disappears without telling Ian.

In a state of shock by the events at the wedding Blake starts to doubt her relationship with Ian and is unable to comprehend what is the difference between it and prostitution. In the evening, Blake attempts to meet Ian but Ian refuses to answer personal questions. They have sex, despite Blake’s resistance. Disappointed after their night of fun together, Blake is forced to take a breather and ends up locked in the garden. After returning home, she locates the bike that Ian took from her after their first night together. She gets back from the toga celebration with her sheet and rides back home. She meets Jacob who, seeing she’s unhappy, takes her to breakfast . The two bond over being the children of divorced parents.

After returning home, Blake encounters Ian who has finally read the writing sample she gave him and realized she has documented their relationship. He threatens to ruin her career if she does not take the column down and also revokes his recommendation for the award.

In reflection on the best way to proceed, Blake decides to sell the jewelry Ian gave her and decides to delete the column. Although both Blake and the men who appeared in the column were always anonymous she decides to publish her final column under her actual name as she is not ashamed of what she has experienced.

Blake is about to graduate when Jacob sends him a message asking him to meet her at the bleachers. Jacob makes a lousy recreation of the final scene from the nightmarish scene in Seattle and Jacob saw when he learned that Nora Emphron was Blake’s favourite author. Blake appreciates the gesture and the two kiss prior to leaving with their friends to celebrate graduation.


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